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Chente's Fire Hair Salon

Treat yourself!

Near mid 2015, Chente Fernandes was around his bestfriends in high school when he realized one day that they all hated their nearby barber shops. Everytime they went for a fresh clean up, their hair either came out too short, not cut much at all, or to get the perfect hair style, they had to endure the most uncomfortableness in order to get their dream hairstyle. However, the circumstances were different everytime. Soon after this apiphany, Chente and his friends decided to open up their own Hair Salon and make it the perfect paradise with people who decided to treat their hair for that day. Thus-- Chente's Fire Hair Salon was born! To this present day Chente's Fire Hair Salon is the number 1 Hair Salon in the West Dallas area.

Chente's Fire Hair Salon is the most rockin' salon in West Dallas! Chente himself is present everyday and is always ready to shape and style your hair whenever ready. Chente's Fire Hair Salon in particular is unique to all others because we consider into special care how comfortable our clients are, and how exactly each client's hairstyle will soon evolve into. At Chente's Fire Hair Salon, we also feature a small spa for customers who need a little extra stress relief. Within the spa we have a mossuser, mud bath, and facial specialist. Chente makes sure that everyone is satisfied with their hair, and if they're not-- it's on us.

Whenever one comes to Chente's Fire Hair Salon, we are always open to feedback. Please be sure to give feedback whenever you drop by or leave a message! Chente is open to many opinions and ways to give an even better environment for everyone to enjoy. And be sure to drop by the front desk before you leave! There's always refreshments for you to take on-the-go. Come back to Chente's Fire Hair Salon soon!


Ways to Contact:
Chente's Fire Hair Salon- 123-456-1800 Chente-
Extension- 456-765-7566